Monkeynastix is coming to Rhythm Dance!

Rhythm Dance is excited to announce we'll be holding free demo classes this Sunday, May 15th!

About Monkeynastix

Monkeynastix is a fun and challenging Fitness Movement Education program developing Physical Literacy. We have been teaching the ABC, s of Physical Literacy for over 22 years in 22 countries. We focus on developing the Fundamental Movement Skills for children ages 1-8 years. Focusing on long-term, physical, cognitive, and social development of children, Monkeynastix strives to develop confidence and a positive self-image in a fun and challenging environment. Monkeynastix uses specialized equipment and positive reinforcement to help kids develop good habits in the area of physical activity and healthy living. Experts agree that children that are Physically Literate and fit will absorb and retain information more effectively than children that are out of shape, therefore they will study and concentrate better.

Class Description:

Monkeynastix (1-8 years) and Monkeysport for children ages (9 - 12)
Help your children develop remarkable self-image and self-confidence through the individual success they achieve in our program using our specialized equipment and more challenging classes! Building on the Fundamental Movement Skills acquired, our 2-8 year old members continue to further develop the ABC's of Movement - Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Speed. Each class begins with a warm up which includes a fun energetic Monkeynastix song, challenging stretching positions, locomotion and fine motor activity. Children then participate in a main activity circuit with sub stations focussing on a particular theme such as balance, strength, floor skills, cardio, speed and agility etc. Ending the class with a manipulative activity children are introduced to sport skills such as kicking, catching and throwing. We end our energy packed lesson with a fun closing song and children receive a Monkeynastix sticker. Children leave Monkeynastix feeling happy, confident and energized! New equipment and lessons are introduced weekly expanding on the lessons learned the prior week. With Monkeysport we get more sport involved.

Adam Schoales