If you are reading about Social Dancing, then you are someone who can learn to get up and dance!

One of the best ways to begin is by taking a complimentary private lesson. Individual, couples and small groups of friends will be introduced to different dances and experience the joy of dance immediately. During this session we will also discuss individualized programs, time scheduling and tuition. My job is to answer your questions and ease any discomforts you may have as you begin dancing. 

The Social Dance program is designed to help beginners learn dances in a quick and non-intimidating manner. Popular television dance shows such as Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance demonstrate dances that are easily within your reach. Social dancing is very sophisticated and elegant while being user-friendly. People can learn basic steps and enjoy dancing to their favorite tunes, just like you have seen on television.

There are many popular dances that you will learn in your program including the Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, Swing, Cha-Cha, Samba, Salsa, Merengue and Bachata. During your lessons you will learn how to recognize the right dance for the music you hear. You will then have the confidence and freedom to know how to dance to any song regardless of the venue.

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Yes, I can help you with your first dance!

In our very first meeting, you will begin dancing and experiencing the ease of Ballroom dances and styles. On the day of your wedding, you will enter onto the dance floor, flow through your dance and finish with a flourish!

You may have already imagined dancing as a newly married couple at your wedding reception or you may be feeling uncertain about where to begin to create a lasting and memorable moment on the dance floor. Couples may have certain songs in mind that are meaningful and important to the relationship and commonly we use such songs to choreograph a dance to perform at the wedding. I assist couples less certain about song choice by offering a wide range of suggestions so they can choose that perfect song.

Throughout our lessons, we will discuss and tailor your dance with ideas and thoughts you may have about your wedding dance.

My job is to work with you to create a dance that fits with your personalities and styles. As a couple you will learn beautiful steps and movements that make you feel elegant, confident, vibrant and comfortable while having fun and enhancing your connection to one another.

In my eight years of experience, couples beginning with general, social ballroom lessons prior to their wedding program enjoy many advantages. They understand basic timing and movement enabling them to learn choreography quickly so that greater time can be invested on style and flair. As well, they will experience the health and exercise benefits of dance and relationship building skills that results from learning to dance together.

It is never too late to take up lessons, even last minute. As the wedding date nears, some couples decide that they want to know how to dance for their spotlight dance. Even in short amounts of time, simple steps can be learned.

Performance anxiety is common for couples preparing to perform a dance for their guests. To reduce anxiety, I choose logical, suitable and comfortable patterns for each couple. Each concern that arises is taken seriously and I do my utmost to reassure students through practice, discussions and the use of imagery to create a successful and romantic experience from beginning to end. In addition to couples learning to dance for their wedding, I have also have requests to teach members of wedding parties and friends. Please feel free to contact me to book your appointment by calling me at  (416)358-5595  (416)358-5595 or emailing me.

Many couples continue taking social dance lessons after the wedding day, having discovered their joy of dance!

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George Kastulin

As a ballroom dance instructor and wedding dance choreographer, George brings many years of ballroom dance experience, training and teaching to your lessons.  

George began dancing at the age of fourteen in Odessa, Ukraine because of a strong desire to learn to lead a partner on the dance floor with confidence, ease, grace and control. George continued his training in Canada upon immigrating in the year 2000. He was coached by world acclaimed teachers and judges including Ann Harding-Traffor, Pierre Allaire, Elaine Doucet, Pat Traymore and Brian Torner. George has trained in both International and American styles of Ballroom Dance and continues to attend workshops and dance congresses as well as study with guest coaches.

George has participated in competitions in the Ukraine and in Canada. He placed first and second in American Smooth in both Rising Star and Professional categories and currently dances Pro-Am for students interested in learning choreographed routines for competitions. He also encourages amateur couples to participate in competitions and live out dance dreams and goals.

George’s dance abilities and skills are deeply influenced by and connected to his professional background in music. As a professional Oboe player, he earned a Master Degree with honors in Arts and Music from Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Musical Academy as well as a post-graduate diploma in Arts from Freiburg School of Arts in Germany. George has performed in concerts, played in orchestras and chamber music events. In addition to performing, he has taught the Oboe to other enthusiastic students.

George’s accomplished career in music influences his approach to teaching and positively impacts his students. George emphasizes musicality, timing, framing and rhythm while teaching Ballroom and, as a result, students gain a greater appreciation of music while learning different dances and styles.

Ultimately George loves teaching ballroom dance because every student is different; each student desires to dance for their own reasons and requires unique approaches to learn. George embraces this individuality, by encouraging students to dance naturally, from the heart, while emphasizing ballroom basics and technique. George provides opportunities for students interested in performing to participate in monthly showcases and spotlight events at the studio.