Our company program is designed to challenge students wanting to be committed to their dance training and focus on building their technique, with a lesser time commitment than our competitive dancers. Many dancers use this program as a stepping stone towards our full-time Competitive Program, while others value its minimal weekly commitment that allows them to participate in other extracurriculars throughout the year.

These dancers are granted the incredible opportunity to give back to our community and perform around Toronto in Senior Residence Hospitals and community fundraisers.

Company dancers train from one to two days a week, in a variety of styles such as Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop and Acro. Those interested in being in the Company program are required to audition before the dance year begins.

Interested in joining our team? Contact us to schedule an assessment!

Audition Process

Once a year we hold a night of Auditions open to all dancers. Our experienced Faculty instruct classes by age and level to get a sense of where the right placement for all dancers will be. The audition classes are taught like any normal class including a Warm up, Floor work and a Short Combination. From there our staff will assess the dancers and place them in the correct level.