Katherine Jankul

This is Katherine’s first year with Rhythm Dance Studio and she is thrilled to bring her love and passion for ballet to all Rhythm students.

Having danced at her community studio since she was a toddler, Katherine started her ballet training quite late at the age of 13 with the Professional Division of the Toronto Ballet Ensemble.

With focus and hard work, she was able to complete her Russian Vaganova training in just 5 years, thanks in most part to her primary instructors, Svea Eklof and Brad Ford.

Though the majority of her training was here in Toronto, Katherine spent summers away at various prominent schools, including the Banff Centre for the Arts where she received the Dorothy Gatird Scholarship, The Winnipeg Ballet School, and The Rock School in Philadelphia.

By the age of 19, she was dancing with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre as a company apprentice; and later with Hit and Run Productions and Hang Time Circus after returning home to Toronto.

Katherine is excited to share her knowledge and expertise in ballet and hopes that every student finds their own love for dance, ballet or not!